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Future Designs

We’re super excited about our upcoming, limited edition ‘Neighborhoods of New York’ print. It’ll be huge — 44" × 44", to be exact. Each print will be individually signed and numbered and will feature the shapes of 361 neighborhoods (covering all five boroughs) arranged by size from smallest to largest. Unlike other Blue is the Land poster prints, the neighborhoods on this one won’t be labeled, so each print will come with a small reference booklet that identifies each neighborhood.

We also continue to receive requests for lots of different cities throughout the U.S. and the world. Austin, Portland and New Orleans are among the most frequently requested — and we’re looking into the possibility of designing poster prints for each.

If you’re interested in other cities, please let us know via email. If enough people request a particular city, we’ll try to design a print for it. And make sure you join our email listjoin our email list to get notified when new prints are added to Blue is the Land.